In times of the climate catastrophe the words “faster than expected” are just a meme now. I wanted to be optimistic; to have hope that humankind finally find a way to prevent further crisis and destruction of our enviroment. Honestly though, i give up. This is not just doomsaying anymore due to doomscrolling, this is the harsh reality. I think we are beyond fucked and i don’t even know anymore what to do and that makes me sad and depressed to see livehand how everythings goes to shit:

  • the latest study i read was about the rainwater and soils which are polluted by PFAS worldwide1. Rainwater is now not safe to drink and filtering it from ground water is possible but expensive. But there are still voices that say that maybe PFAS is no issue. Well, we have clear studies that we are already polluted due to PFAS in frying pans for crying out loud.2 You can’t tell me, that this is harmless. As if microplastics in supermarkt products was not enough3

  • the Arctic is warming four times faster than expected4

  • the Brazilian environmental protection authority IBAMA gave the go for the further expansion of the BR-319 federal highway, which runs from Porto Velho in Rondônia to Manaus and cuts through the largest still intact rainforest area in the heart of Amazonia. Its completion could lead to a fivefold increase in rainforest deforestation by 2030 and therefore the collapse of the amazonian ecosystem.5

  • the drought in Europe, although i am wondering if we see an Aridification effect now6. That would be the worst case were things won’t go “back to normal” because they already normal. That would mean severe reduction in the infiltration of water into the soils and the recharge of the groundwater. That will lead to conflicts which already happening in Berlin and Brandenburg7

  • forest fires and the usual money grab. Forests in Brandenburg are burning down but we still get no mixed forests with birch or oak as reforestation. We still get the pine tree again because more than half of the Brandenburg Forests are in private hands8 and it is just a financial issue. But even if we decide to plant mixed forests, the soil is so barren due to the ongoing drought that planting new tress is fruitless. It will simply wither from the stress situation.

  • the fish deaths in the Oder river9. The whole thing is a fucking clown show. At least the first results are there: an unusually high salt load was measured, which could be related to the fish kill. The low water level, the low flow rate and the high water temperature could also have played a role. The state laboratories are still clarifying further data on heavy metals and mercury. In the meantime, the PiS party has already managed to blame local authorities, Germans and Donald Tusk (opposition leader) for the disaster, and the Polish police have offered a reward of 1 million zlotys (about 200,000 euros) for identifying the culprit.

  • the energy crisis with corroding french nuclear power plants10.

    “Frankreich wird auch in der kommenden Woche unter Temperaturen um 40 Grad stöhnen.”

    But you’re not 100% sure about climate change, right?

    “Über einigen Flüssen hängt schon der zarte Duft von Fischkadavern, da man früher Gewässer eigentlich zum Schutz von Flora und Fauna nicht über 25 Grad erwärmen durfte. Das wurde schon nach der “Canicule” 2003 geändert – und nun weiter aufgeweicht.”

    But with “green” nuclear energy, everything will be fine again.11

    “Denn zwölf Uraltmeiler sind wegen massiver Korrosionsprobleme abgeschaltet, und können auch im Winter nicht wieder angeschaltet werden. (…) Aus dem Protokoll des Gesprächs geht also hervor, dass man – wie in Frankreich – russisches Roulette spielen muss, um die Meiler weiterlaufen zu lassen.”12

    Well, that gives Russian Roulette a new meaning.

And so on… Business interests, short-term goals, maximizing shareholder value and ignoring long-term consequences still rules. The wealthy carry on with business as usual and secure their ‘privileges’. I guess, if i am really gloomy, in the long term we will see more populist and fascist resurgence13 with protectionist policies and actions against climate refugees while they laugh over the local poor and their willingness to work for a pittance just to survive. Also proxy wars over clean water and arable land.14 15

Well… yeah, clicking a button will not fix that. Seriously, fuck this shit!

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