A new year is here and i hope this will be a better year then the last one. At least it feels a bit like a good moment to continue the plans i made at the end of 2019 (and 2021).

Last year i got three new additions to my small camera collection: an soviet AGAT-18, a FED2 and the new Kodak Ektar H35. All will be helpful for some of my plans. In the spring i want to try out my Pentacon K-16 with some expired film. Maybe i am lucky and it still works. Would be nice to give the camera some new life for a short time.

There is also the recently published film from Dubblefilm which i want to try: the “Treat” film with 400 ISO and the rem-jet layer removed1. And for my medium format cameras is also the new Kentmere film2 to try. I am excited to test these.

And last but not least, maybe the new ORWO film3 will finally arrive.

So at least from the photographic perspective is enough material there.