Hello, this site is an experiment for me. For many times I tried to blog about different things, but in the end it just landed unattended in the ‘graveyard’ where every project that is no longer supported, obsolete, or has been replaced by something superior has landed. I realized, that I had too much expectations or simply that the passion was missing.

So why the resurrection? Well, I would describe myself as a jack-of-all-trades with interest in all sort of things, but there is one thing where I am really passionate about: photography. Especially analoge photography. I like to shoot pictures with my old GDR cameras, which really are my workhorses. Meanwhile, I reached a state where I have enough pictures I want to share but no good platform for sharing. Reliance on social networks is not an option for me and so I thought a photo blog would be a nice way for sharing pictures and thoughts. So, if possible, I try to self-host my services and learn new things on the way. Additionally, I want to get more fluent in foreign languages, so this offers a good opportunity to exercise.

Well, thats it for now, we will see how far this goes. Take care.