The first half of the year is almost over and so far it’s been a busy year for me. It is still a bit difficult to find the time and energy to post some stuff but i am still eager to give it a try. So i want to use the time over Pentecost to view back and forward for some new plans, where i want to go and evaluate some changes i want to try like new formats, platforms or content.

Six month ago, i decided to create a Single-User Friendica Instance and joined the Fediverse for good1. It is not my first time there (i had an old account when Friendica was relatively new back then around 2012), but i never really used it. That changed with ActivityPub and the migrations from Twitter to Mastodon. That was a good opportunity to go the whole hog and start an own server. Well, I still have to get into the habit to actually post some small things there in time though but i am slowly settling in. At least, it is really nice to follow some cool photographers and artists and to get some local news.

In that regard, i also considered changing the platform to an ActivityPub based blog platform like WriteFreely2 which has some neat features in combination with a Friendica account, but i would also sacrifice some features i have here with my static site. After weighing the pros and cons i still want to use Hugo. The research was not in vain though as i found a way to update Hugo and my currently used theme to the newest versions and i am really happy about this.

A part from the Update Process is also removing my content from the big tech firms like Google. I am still in the process of moving my saved data and content to my own server but the finish line is visible. That is a big step for me which i finally finish soon.

What else is in the pipeline? I got some new cameras and film to test, i am working on some bigger projects and i want to follow up with some old projects i started long ago but never finished. So yeah, there is much going on and i feel the need to wrap up some things, organize and write up my thoughts and try out something new. There will be some updates here, very soon (hopefully).