I still have some memories of the old Narva tower near Warschauer Straße but i never really explored that area in my childhood. It was interesting to explore the area and check out the changes. The VEB Narva Kombinat Berlin bulb factory was the central manufacturer of light sources, especially light bulbs, in the GDR. In 1992 the production stopped and the HypoVereinsbank changed the buildings to office spaces. During the renovation in 1998 of the Building IV, four ’tuff’1 fountains, designed by Prof. Gustav Lange2 and send over from Slovenia3 were placed into the inner courtyards. The basic idea was to connect elements of nature with an urban environment.

I wonder if they leave the stones as it is and just let nature change these monolithic blocks. Due to erosion and the wear of time, the water is finding new paths to flow and all stones look and sound different.