Yesterday, i went for a little walk in Potsdam and came across some christian missionaries who asked me to write something on their whiteboard about the question “What brings you peace?”. An easy question but what is not that easy to answer right away. Especially at these times this is a good question to ask yourself. I thought about all the sounds we were surrounded with, the cities soundscape to media sounds, and chose the gentle rustling of leaves. In hindsight i could have also chosen the sound of the sea and i remembered my short visit of Rügen in May. Both sounds can bring me calm, but the sound of the sea has a very soothing effect on my mind what i like. It is the small things and the opportunity to just step back and enjoy the moment. Years ago I used to meditate and the small conversation reminded me of that and maybe i should do it again for more inner peace.

Despite the usual “Are you religious?” points, i liked the small initiative and we also talked a bit about analog cameras.